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Are you living your best life?

The life you've dreamt about?

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Uncommon Futures is designed to help people like you live your best life. Our Discovery Series presents visionaries, leaders, entrepreneurs, to explore fresh ways to help

people get usable and actionable ideas to address the challenges they face in life, and in business. The goal is to help

them start living the life they were meant to live.

Our first series, the Women's Discover Series,

launches November 10th. It's a FREE EVENT, and you'll find you're invitation below.



Uncommon Futures was designed by two coaches who are committed to changing the world by helping everyone discover how to live fantastic lives filled with joy, purpose and abundance.

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Melissa Walsh

MILES Coaching & Consulting


John Hagerman

Ageless Retirement & Business Coach

"We believe everyone should have the opportunity

to live their best life. Always!"

Women's Discovery Series

This inaugural series aimed at helping women learn and unlock effective, accessible, and ways to elevate all areas of their lives to the next level. Some of the topics the series may cover include unlocking:

- Purpose & Power - Dreams to Reality - Leadership

- Entrepreneurship - Health & Fitness - Parenting

- Fierce Conversations - Financial Wisdom - Overcoming Fear

- Course Correction - Real Estate - Promotions

- Retirement? Really? - Brands & Marketing - Self-care

Our goal is to discover what areas of your life,work and communities you want to learn skills to take you to the next level. You deserve to live your best life, and we're committed to helping you achieve it.


Star Bank, Eden Prairie




We are planning several more series, each focused on the needs of specific audiences, but we need your help. Please review the list above, and let us know which topics interest you most. If you've got a topic you need help with, or want to get better skilled at, please let us know that, too. We want to make our programs useful, and powerful, for you, that means we need to hear from you.

Other discovery series are open to women and men. Series we are considering developing include:

- Retirement Planning Beyond the Money

- Launching or Scaling Your Business

- Visionary Leadership

Please let us know what other types of series topics you'd like us to develop. Click Here to share your ideas.

"Lifelong learning is critical to success. We upskill to get better at what we do."

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Women's Discovery Series

Unlocking Your Tomorrows

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